The 10 best kept secrets of Pattaya – Pattaya Beach Bangkok

The 10 best-kept secrets of Pattaya – Pattaya Beach Bangkok: Pattaya is not the best reputed city in Thailand . That originally was a small fishing village owes much of its current form to the hundreds of American soldiers who chose their coasts to spend their breaks between assault and assault of the Vietnam War . Do not let your sordid fame stop you: Pattaya is more than partying, destruction and endless local exchange. Read carefully because Skyscanner teach you what to do and see in Pattaya .

Golden sand beaches , theme parks, a mountain-sized Buddha and an impressive wood carved sanctuary are clear examples of how this city of the Gulf of Siam is well worth a visit. Keep in mind if you are planning a weekend getaway from Bangkok . If you give it a try, Pattaya will surprise you.

Viewpoint of Admiral Krom Luang Jumborn Khet Udomsakdi

The viewpoint of Admiral Krom Luang Jumborn Khet Udomsakdi has a complicated name and a beautiful view. Located on one of the highest hills in Pattaya , it offers one of the best panoramic views of the city . But not just to look up here. Many Thais and Thais come here to ask the military’s wishes, showing their respects with candles, incense and flowers (as is done with many masters in Buddhist temples). Once their wishes are granted, they return to throw rockets to thank the man for his concession. A must see in Pattaya

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Sanctuary of Truth

Although not yet completed, Sanctuary of the Truth (Sanctuary of the Truth) is undoubtedly the most impressive temple in the area, as well as one of the most beautiful in Thailand and one of the Top things to do in Pattaya . Situated on the seashore, this sacred place is entirely built of wood (except for the foundations), and its carvings show influences coming from various corners of Asia, such as China or India. The whole crown a statue of the next Buddha. The visit to the Sanctuary of Truth can be completed by a boat trip on the Bay of Siam .

Jomtien Beach

What to do to relax in Pattaya? For a relatively quiet environment, go for Jomtien Beach or Haad Jomtien instead of for Pattaya Beach (in the center of town). This sand is the favorite of the families that summer in the area, as well as the less liberal tourists. If you fancy driving a jet-ski or windsurfing , this is a good place.

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Floating Market

Dozens of wooden buildings sink their pillars into a lake to give shape to the floating market, a quaint shopping place grooved by canals that has become one of the most desirable places to see in Pattaya . In it you can buy in a store, or directly in the boats! Clothing, accessories, gifts, footwear, souvenirs, etc. This market has almost everything. It also has stands where you can taste some delicatessen in the area, including insects. Do you dare with a handful of crickets for breakfast ?

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Mini Siam

A miniature tour of the most important monuments of Thailand is what Mini Siam proposes , a park full of miniature architectural replicas and one of the sites to see in Pattaya , without high. The Royal Palace of Bangkok , Wat Phra Srisunpetch of Ayutthaya , Wat Mahathart of Sukhotai and the archaeological zone of Phanom Rung are some of its inhabitants. And that does not end the thing because among the models of Mini Siam there are some with very European flavor. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and the Sydney Opera House also have their tiny version in a park that has dared to mount their own Angkor Wat .

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Mountain of buddha

What to do in Pattaya to feel like a local? Huge, serene and golden, this is the image of the Buddha that has been attached to the court of a great mountain to which many now give their name. Do not miss this large 130-meter-high monument located on Buda Mountain (Thai Khao Cheejan or Khao Chee Chan ) at the foot of which lies a small temple in which devotees can pay their respects.

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Silverlake Vineyards

Almost in the shadow of Buddha Mountain are the Silverlake Vineyards or Silverlake Vineyard . Yes, yes, vineyards with grapes that you can travel aboard a tourist train. If you prefer, enjoy the view of the plantation from the huge terrace of the main building of the vineyard, a beautiful Italian air construction in which they offer wine and grape juices to anyone who has good to pass by. Taken under one of their gazebos with the bottom valley leave a very good taste and will be another thing you recommend to do in Pattaya when asked.

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Birds and Bees, Cabbages and Condoms resort

“Birds and bees, cabbages and condoms”, with this curious name was baptized one of the most beautiful resorts , a place to see without fail in Pattaya . Situated on the seashore, its small private beach and its views of the island of Lan have put it on the map of many tourists who either stay here to sleep, or simply come to eat or dine. But the best part is that much of the benefits of Birds and Bees, Cabbage and Condoms are being invested in fighting AIDS and improving the living conditions of less fortunate communities, with a special focus on boys and girls. If you visit – you can see even if one does not stay there – do not miss your walk of capitalism and communism.

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Nong Nooch’s Garden

Designed for family fun, Nong Nooch Garden ( Nong Nooch Garden ) is a large park full of attractions in Pattaya . It has lots of hiking trails, traditional dance shows and Thai boxing, and a part of zoo with marine mammals and elephants, among other animals. Its variety in plant species is very large, to the point of having its own bonsai garden. Overlooking he performs five daily pachyderm shows – of those in which elephants are forced to do things like painting pictures and cycling – can be a good place to spend a full day and, without a doubt, a lot of fun What to do in Pattaya if you are traveling with children .

Koh Lan

Less than 8 kilometers from the coast lies Koh Lan (literally, the island of Lan), a beautiful and busy tropical island. Bathe on its beaches, something to do in Pattaya without fail , get lost in its mountains or, if you do not have time to get there (by boat it takes about 45 minutes, by speed boat about a quarter of an hour), enjoy watching it from the Other side at sunset. If you do it with a coconut shake between your hands it will surely be a delicious experience.

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