10 meals you have to try in Thailand – Thai Food Names

10 meals you have to try in Thailand – Thai Food Names: Yes, every single one of the wonders you’ve heard about Thai food is true. In fact, the compliments of your family and acquaintances are probably short because Thai food is really delicious! This Southeast Asian nation is one of those countries in the world where you ask for what you ask, even if you do it with your eyes closed, you are going to serve something great (99 percent of the time, there are always exceptions).

But what should not you stop trying when you travel to the land of smiles? Risk selection, not impossible. This is our list of must eat, a dozen dishes and typical foods where you can not stop trying if you visit this place. We warned from now on: there could be at least 20 more things. These are only super indispensables for you to open your mouth. Bon appétit!

Pad Thai

The Pad thai in Thailand is like the paella in Spain: if you leave here without trying it is as if you had not been. Now, it is almost impossible for you to leave without being able to take a Thai Pad because it is everywhere, and although its recipe varies from one area to another, it always has a base of noodles (a kind of rice spaghetti), soy and something Serious condiment (which can be meat, tofu, etc. or just vegetables). It is usually sprinkled with nuts, almost always peanuts. The spicy are served separately, there is nothing to fear.


We just said that the pad thai has noodles , true, but there are a hundred thousand varieties of noodles more in Thailand. They combine everything with everything so you will find them. You have them in soup, sautéed, transparent, with meat, with vegetables … Without going further in the food stalls and restaurants of walking street of Bangkok they are to kicks and are supercharacter: a plate costs a euro or less. They are tasty, not the following.’

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Papaya Salad

But not only do noodles feed the Thais and Thais (although they could). Plus they have lots of fruits and veggies. The papaya salad, tasty wherever there are, is one of the best examples of how well both products of the earth combine. Before you take it make sure you have a glass of water or a good serving of white rice on hand because if it is authentic it will be richly spicy.

Tom Yum Kung

Maybe the most famous soup in Thailand. Take chicken, carry lime, carry mushrooms, carry garlic, carry soy and carry all the spices and condiments you can think of. Still it is a pleasure to eat it. First, the new mixture of flavors (sweet, salty and spicy), second because it is usually accompanied by an infiernillo so that it does not remain cold. Besides a delight and to smell fantastically well is a spectacle with fire. Let’s see what soup he proposes!

Green and Red Curry chicken, beef or pork

What a treat, what a treat! That yes, only suitable for spicy friends. The green (green) or red (red) is perfect to combine curry with chicken (chicken), beef (beef) or pork (pork). In many restaurants they serve in a bowl as a soup but the western palate is good to accompany it with rice. Sometimes it is included in the dish, others you have to ask. Mix it all or go by combining, whichever you prefer. In the section of curries do not miss the MASSAMAN CURRY either .

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Khao soi

A specialty of the north of the country that in Chiang Mai prepares divinely. It is, once again, a mixture of coconut milk soup, noodles , meat (usually chicken or veal) and a lot of condiments, mostly vegetable and with a spicy rump but not like throwing fire by the mouth. The same, I boast

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Mushroom skewers

If you like the pinchos morunos, congratulations! Here you have them almost everything. Of meat, of fish, of squids … If something can be impaled in Thailand it will impale. Even the toast with butter and jam will spoil you! It is the perfect snack, ideal for take away . If you want to soak it in a sauce to make you go home hot (do not be scared, if you have a western face you have to ask to please spice it, if not by default do not add it). Although at first glance the carts of the carts do not seem the cleanest, the truth is that they are tasty for a while. If Thais shop at the street stalls for breakfast, lunch and dinner for something to come. They get hooked.

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Mango Sticky Rice

Imagine a very yellow and ripe mango, in its point, with compact white rice without any additives or spices ( sticky rice ) bathed in coconut milk (but not floating in coconut milk, coconut milk is like your sauce). You throw the spoon and … Mmm … Delight. There are no words to describe this. You have to try it. It is by far the favorite dessert of the writer.

Seasonal fruits

The healthy and non-caloric alternative to the sticky rice mango is the fruit, to be seasonal. It depends on when you travel it will be time to eat one or another thing, many times products that you have not even heard of. No matter, they are all delicious and fresh. Try the durian , the dragon fruit (that pink and green ball inside is white with black spots), the mangoteens and rambutan . If you prefer something more traditional there are also watermelons, papayas, pineapple, etc. They even have take away in version with stick: you choose, they peel it, they cut it in little bits and they put it in a plastic bag for you to bite along the way

Juices and shakes

Or how about something crushed? Thai juices and shakes are legendary and perfect any time or any occasion. The same, the fruits are as fresh as you see at the counter where they are exposed. Sometimes you can mix several ingredients at no extra cost, others add milk or condensed milk. Of course, be well before the price of each item added do not go to take a surprise to pay. And of course, a coconut! You should not stop taking a coconut, the perfect hybrid between juice and fruit because first you drink the juice, and then you eat the fruit. Riquísimo, like everything in Thailand we go.

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