10 Mistakes when going to German Wedding

Getting dressed to attend a wedding is tricky. To avoid to be odd one, here is our advice! When you are invited to a wedding in Germany, you want to do honor to the bride and groom, but to have fun too. It’s a party, so anything is allowed, right? Not that easy… You must be making one of 10 Mistakes when going to German Wedding.

Between the dress code imposed by the bride and groom, the colors and styles to be banished and the compromises fashion / comfort to find, the traps are numerous! Here are 10 mistakes not to commit so that this invitation is not the last… and also have Best Men’s Perfume 2017 for you man.

Colors that annoy

The white but also the ivory, the cream … are traditionally “reserved” to the bride. Do you plan to wear a long white dress? Avoid the diplomatic incident by first asking her advice to the queen of the party! As for the total black look, it would be better for a funeral … So if you like this little black dress because it flatters your silhouette so well, make sure to cheer with a stole or a bibi of bright color!

The ultra sexy mini dress

A marriage is an opportunity to meet people. Be careful not to overdose, especially if you have been chosen as a witness. A very sexy mini dress will certainly look, but it risks revealing all your attractions at the time of the signing of the registers! Same thing with the skirt that goes back constantly, the bustier that slips … Having to contortion every 5 minutes to adjust all this, it is tiring, in the long run.

The off-topic guest

Even if the bride and groom have not established a precise code dress, getting satin scabbard at a country wedding is not very comfortable. You may feel disguised and “swear” in the pictures. Before investing in a beautiful evening dress, make sure it fits well with the spirit of the wedding. If the announcement clues are not clear on this subject, feel free to ask the bride and groom if they have planned a theme or a special atmosphere for their reception.

The Treacherous Fabrics

Synthetic is economical. But it has no outfit and most of all, it gets hot! Do not forget that it’s about being cool all day (and part of the night!). The flax is cooler, but it crumbles easily, you risk quickly appear to be neglected. Silk is divine, but does not forgive any defect. As for the too fine fabrics, the transparency…

Holding too light

The wedding is scheduled for mid-July. You hope to do without a jacket. Too happy not to encumber you, you probably forget a little quickly that a church, even in summer, can be very cool. Let a little cold wind sometimes rise at the cocktail. May a storm break out, because there is no season, my good lady! To avoid shivering all day, think about planning a pretty waistcoat, even leaving it in the car.

Sheaths and corsets

A marriage is a long day of emotion in perspective. This sheath or corset that draws you a dream silhouette can quickly become stifling. In full sun or in the heat of the reception room, you do not (sup) wear them long! The perfect outfit to get to a wedding is first and foremost the one in which you will feel good from morning to night.

The heels of 12 cm

Winning a few centimeters elongates a silhouette and gives a gait so feminine … Yes, but the wine of honor takes place in the garden. Good courage to reach worthy the buffet of small ovens at the other end of the lawn! The town hall is only a few hundred meters from the church? Imagine the condition of your feet after a stilettos course on the cobblestones … To not spend the day watching for the smallest available chair, plan a nice pair of spare ballerinas. They will also allow you to set fire to the dance floor!

Tanning brands

It’s summer, long live the bare-back and bustiers! Unless you sport a tan say … disparate. You went hiking shortly before the wedding. Your favorite tee is now printed in negative on your skin … You have chosen a pretty short skirt, but your legs are not tanned. Finally if, but only knees to the ankles. We can clearly distinguish the brand of your socks! To avoid this, a few weeks before the party, think scrubs and sunscreen, and even self-tanning. Their new formulas guarantee you a progressive and natural tan, far from the carrot shades of yesteryear!

The haute couture dress

As long as to appear to your advantage, you would crack well for a divine creation haute-couture. A spectacular dress, worthy of the rise of steps. Warning ! You expose yourself to 2 pitfalls. Unless you rent it, it is a real investment. Except to be invited to a wedding only every 5 years, or to have a very comfortable budget, prefer a simpler outfit but also easier to wear for other occasions. Also be careful not to compete with the bride. She is supposed to wear the prettiest dress, do not forget it

Pastel, old or vulgar prints

Soft colors and prints bloom with summer, and give gaiety to all outfits. Some, however, must be handled with care. The little pastel colored smock dresses are wonderful … on the girls in bloom! Do you want to honor the spring with a floral print? Again, past a certain age, avoid those who are connoted “old-fashioned”. As for the panther or leopard print, which is particularly delicate to wear, it is worn by small touches, and sober on makeup and jewelry!

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