10 Things to do in Koh Tao, the Island of Fashion in Thailand

10 things to do in Koh Tao, the island of fashion in Thailand: It is said that Koh Tao is the fashionable island of Thailand and the hordes of tourists arriving every day aboard the fast Lomprayah catamaran seem to confirm it. To this small popular enclave does not lack the attractions to catch you a week or more.

The turtle island , for many the little sister of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, has an offer of leisure and vacations for all tastes and consolidates justly without hurry but without pause as an ideal destination for all those who seek a paradise found in the That live a few days of cinema.

Learn to dive

Scuba diving is the star activity of Koh Tao. The visibility of its waters and the great biodiversity of its seabed together with excellent economic conditions have been reasons enough to convince novices and veterans to come to submerge to this part of the planet. If you have no idea of diving begins with a baptism (price 1900 baths, 44 euros) , and if you like the sensations continues with an Open Water course (7600 baths, 180 euros) . Without the experience or the Open Water taken out you can do the Advanced (7000 baths, 165 euros ) or, simply, dives of fun or fun dives (from 850 baths 20 euros). These prices correspond to IHASIA , A school run by a witch from Madrid where one can be formed entirely in Castilian. The rest of the dive companies are very similar but as always look, compare and choose the one you like.

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Snorkeling or snorkeling

If you are clear that the depths are not your thing, there are other ways to enjoy the treasures that the sea hides. Of all of them the snorkel is perhaps the best. In Koh Tao the waters are so clear that fish are seen with the naked eye, but if you wear glasses and a tube you will hallucinate. You would not be the first to cross with a turtle or a tiny and harmless shark in Shark Bay. In many hotels and resorts you can rent had and glasses for about 50 baths (one euro and little), also fins if you like for another 50 baths more. If you want your own gadgets you can buy them for a small price in any of the stores in the area. If you prefer something more elaborate than to stick with the tube and the fins from the shore you can hire a snorkel excursion that includes boat ride, visit to several points of immersion, and coffee, tea, cookies and pineapple for lunch . A different way to discover the charms of this tropical island.

10 Things to do in Koh Tao, the Island of Fashion in Thailand

Toast on the beach

If you go scuba diving and snorkeling at the beach is always a good option. Of course always with sun protection that here the Lorenzo hits hard. You will find lots of sand in Koh Tao . That of Sairee is probably the largest, but also the most taken by tourists, especially German and English. For more tranquility and Spanish atmosphere, tanjo in the sun at Chalok Baan Kao or, much better, at its Freedom Beach . If you are looking for peace bet on the coves of the east: Tanote Bay, Mao Bay or Ao Luek may be an option.

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Massage with coconut oil

Nothing better for after a day of diving and sun than a Thai massage. Massage parlors are among the few services that maintain prices in other parts of the country, such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Here, in addition to the typical menu, the massage in coconut oil (300 baths, 7 euros) is very popular , a very refreshing and moisturizing option after a hard day at the beach. Your skin will thank you.

10 Things to do in Koh Tao, the Island of Fashion in Thailand

Walks and routes

Many are those who rent a motorbike to move in Koh Tao which in many cases ends in bruised finals. The steep orography of the island and the poor state of the road, many gravel or sand, make what at first seems a good idea ends up becoming a nightmare when not in accident. Actually, there is no need to rent a motorcycle in this place , its small dimensions (21 square kilometers) make it comfortable to get around walking . Start your own trekking to discover its secret corners and try not to try to go around the island no matter how much a road appears on the map, it is in terrible condition, crossing it seems to me reckless even with quad. If you get tired of walking you can always ask for a taxi to take you back to your hotel.

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Muay Thai Classes

Unleash the Jackie Chan you carry inside with a muay thai class. You get them from 500 baths (12 euros) at the May Thai Gym Koh Tao , although the price is reduced if you hire a course, you sign up for several days or you go in group. If you are more of see than of paste you can attend a combat that depends on the day and the fighters may be better or worse, but never the best in the country

Bamboo Tattoos

If you want to take a marked memory on your skin take advantage and tattoo with bamboo. The wound heals much faster and you can wet it much sooner than if you did a normal tattoo . In the area of Chalok Han Kao there is a rastafaris shop that will be happy to engrave whatever you want for a small fee. Happy works with bamboo and machine, always with a smile on his face and a how are you, have a nice day . The straw with which they draw you do it before your eyes to show you that it is new and then they give it to you if you want, because they will never use it again.

10 Things to do in Koh Tao, the Island of Fashion in Thailand



Have a tortilla skewer

Yes, you read it right. In Koh Tao you can eat a pintxo of potato omelet in conditions. You will find them in the Bizarro , a restaurant run by a friendly Catalan very frequented by tourists and Spanish expats . The menu is extensive and the cuisine excellent, you will seem to be eating at home . Gazpacho, meatballs, bravas, bread with tomatoes … The paellas they prepare are scandalous, they already want many chiringuitos from Valencia! Show that you pay 200 baths per ration (about 4.7 euros), but it will be money more than well employed. For dessert they have torrijas although if you like the chocolate orders the coulant, it is exquisite. Open every day from 18.30. They also have wine, sangria and summer red and,

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Visit to Koh Nang Yuan

When you write Koh Tao in Google the first images that appear to you are those of Koh Nang Yuan , an idyllic and almost deserted tiny island that is right next door. You can enjoy it in multiple ways. The most widespread is to take a boat taxi (longtail) or, directly, to hire an excursion (from 700 baths, about 16 euros) that usually includes some activity like snorkeling or visit to other places. To see the site without losing money you can go to the viewpoint of the Dusit Buncha Resort from where you can enjoy a fantastic view and soak. The bravest and fit can cross from Koh Tao to Koh Nang Yuan by kayak, although this is an option only for very brave and very fit who know how to swim well.

10 Things to do in Koh Tao, the Island of Fashion in Thailand

Excursion to Koh Phangan

If you prefer a more consistent excursion from this enclave you can easily reach Koh Pangan, the neighboring island. Every day there are two fast catamarans , one at 9:30 and another at 3:00 p.m. The journey takes approximately 60 minutes and the one way ticket costs 500 baths (almost 12 euros) . It is advisable to book the ticket in advance , especially if you want to go in Full Moon Party season when tourists flock there. Although it can be done in one day, it is advisable to book a couple of them to properly discover the place.

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