5 secret states of the United States – Top News Stories

5 secret states of the United States – Top News Stories


No doubt no one is going to Oklahoma of their own free will and less on vacation. Well, the hunters do. The state of Oklahoma is at the nerve center of tornadoes and attracts extreme weather enthusiasts, especially in the spring, when there are storms that trigger spectacular special effects such as tornadoes or hail the size of a grapefruit. There are various companies offering tours to chase storms. Or you can do it on your own, but be careful. And according to the tourism website of OK, it is also the paradise of hunting, from father-son outings to outings with your dog … whether you want to hunt with bow, dynamite or weapon.

2.Rhode Island

Poor Rhode Island! The neighboring state of New York holds all the attention while RI leaves in all the lists of the immersed. RI is the smallest state in the US and Central Falls, the smallest city in RI and one of the densest in the world. That said, we recommend visiting Newport, a former playground for wealthy retirees who is now the most cool among the young. Eat in front of the sea with a bag of donuts and pick your favorite yacht. And after a hard day of fishing, go to Pour Judgment to have a beer and a hamburger.

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3.West Virginia

Are you planning a trip to West Virginia? No, I thought so. Virginia’s famous neighboring state takes all the glory: history (Civil War), natural wonders (the Blue Ridge Mountains), the beach and the world’s largest office building (the Pentagon). But WV is not far behind: it has Lewisburg, the coolest small town in the US (according to a recent survey), and the southern part of the state, which is self-promoting as the best kept secret of the mountains with its old coal and other routes Tourist attractions with slogans as catchy as “we’re closer than it seems” (it’s a 50% drive from US residents) and “it’s like no other place”.

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“The beach is just the beginning,” as they say in Delaware, whose most famous industry is fast food chains and grilled chicken. But to start with the beach, there’s the retro classic Rehoboth Beach, known to Americans as the “nation’s summer capital,” a monument to the rough-and-tumble American coastline that looks like it came out of 1956. If you’re in Bridgeville from November 2-4, Be sure to check out the pumpkin-throwing world championship (slogan: Let’s Throw It!), Which attracts 20,000 people and illustrates perfectly why so few tourists decide to go to Delaware of their own free will. But it seems fun.

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Secret? Are you kidding me? Disney World and Orlando theme parks receive millions of visits each year, and many spend the day on the sunshine state beaches. But few tourists lose their heads on the Panhandle, a stretch of Gulf of Mexico coast in the shape of a paella that runs from Panama City (no, not that one) to Pensacola Beach, on the Alabama border. Here you will discover miles of white sand beaches free of tourists on the Costa Smeralda and lots of seafood on the Forgotten Coast – a very appropriate name for this secluded place in such a famous state.

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