8 luxury tricks to save money in Southeast Asia – Travel Itinerary

8 luxury tricks to save money in Southeast Asia – Travel Itinerary : From tricks to taxis to tantrums to 10 cents, useful tips for going backpacker to Southeast Asia with little budget.

With accommodation, food and cheap beer, Southeast Asia is the perfect destination for anyone traveling on a tight budget. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Thailand. It does not matter where you go; Southeast Asia with the little budget has no secrets. But the cost of transportation, the shifts, and the crap souvenirs can make you end up paying more than you expected. Here are eight luxury tricks to make sure these extras do not leave you blighted.

1.Choose buses or night trains

Whenever you can, try to book a bus or night train. Long distance transport in Southeast Asia is very cheap and the network is quite extensive. Many locals choose to travel at night because the tickets are cheaper and the trip relatively comfortable. Most trains and buses have bunk beds or reclining seats and air conditioning. There are travelers who do not like to travel at night for safety issues, but carries the same risk as traveling by day; Just make sure you do not lose sight of your belongings and be aware of your surroundings. You will save a night of accommodation and you will not have to sacrifice day time that you could invest in visiting temples or sunbathing.

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2.Choose a seat instead of a bunk

If you decide to travel by night by train, the seats are the most economical option. The wisest thing would be to choose a bunk bed (there are usually four beds on two levels per compartment), but they are often full of bed bugs. Make no mistake, the seats are not like they are first class, but at least you have more living space and are fully reclining; And they are the cheapest option if you want basic comfort. They are currently renovating trains in Vietnam and the wagons of the 60s and 70s are replaced by more modern Korean models. You will have the same amenities in a seat as in a bunk bed, including the air conditioning and the food cart. What you can not forget are the earplugs.Image result for Southeast Asia places

3.Eat street food

There are many travelers who do not approach street food for fear of indigestiones or worse things. But the truth is that in the streets of Southeast Asia you can find foods of the coolest and cheapest. You will pay more for eating “western food” compared to the minutia you pay for trying very tasty things (from chicken noodles to sesame donuts) in the street stalls. The vendors buy their fresh produce every morning at the local markets, so you will surely eat something authentic. Choose a popular position, do as the native and forward.

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4.Baby Bia Hoi

With the drink, choose the autochthonous if you can not get out of budget. Every day, around five o’clock in the afternoon, Vietnamese coffee shops hit the street and fill the sidewalks with red plastic furniture and chopsticks. This only means one thing: the time of the Bia Hoi. That is, pints at 10 cents and Asian tapas, such as spinach fritters and beef dumplings at about 50 centimeters the plate. Grab a stool and watch the world while you’re fed up with almost nothing. This daily ritual is quite common throughout Southeast Asia and every country or city has its version of Bia Hoi, the beer brewed in Hanoi. Take advantage of these ridiculous prices, try homemade food of the most delicious and know locals.Image result for Southeast Asia places


Do not be ashamed if you want to get a bargain. Be sure to haggle in the markets if you want to pay the best price for anything from tea or coffee to faux design objects. Shopkeepers at least expect you to ask for a discount, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Often the price goes up when they realize that you are a tourist, so there is room to negotiate the price of that «Prado» bag or those silk slippers. Be stubborn and you will get more of a bargain, besides having more calderilla for the Bia Hoi.

6.Leave the toothbrush at home.

Most Southeast Asian hostels and cheap hotels offer free toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and even razors. Needless to say you are not of the best quality, but they serve for what they serve and thus saves you buying all of these things which often cost quite a bit. In addition, you will save a little space in the suitcase to put another bikini or a book to read on the beach.

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7.Avoid organized tours as much as possible

Sometimes organized tours are the easiest and cheapest way to see the breathtaking views that Southeast Asia offers, especially if you do not have much time or you have to hop on a ferry or a local bus to get there. But, whenever you can, try to organize yourself. In larger cities, the local bus network will take you where you want for little money. Alternatively, you can also rent a bike for three euros and go out and shoot, the adventure is guaranteed! For example, if you plan to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, instead of hopping on a crowded bus from a travel agency, rent a bike and go there at dawn. You will be able to see the sunrise and you will save a lot of money.

8.Set taxi fare before boarding

If you want to go on wheels, tuk tuk and taxis abound in most cities and towns. However, before boarding make sure you set the price of the trip and try to ask for a discount. This ensures that the price of the trip does not go up in the clouds once you have arrived at your destination. Make sure you know the exact address where you want to get off. It is well known that taxi drivers go around and go through travel agencies and hotels to try to convince travelers to book a tour or change accommodation and then charge more for the extra trip. Setting the price and knowing where you are going will help you avoid times like this and do not tease yourself.

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