9 European alternatives to the most visited places in the World

9 European alternatives to the most visited places in the world: From paradisiac islands to active volcanoes, you do not have to cross half a world to see incredible places.

We often do not pay too much attention to small and old Europe. Compressed in a fairly small space (and more if compared to the rest of the world) has almost everything. From beaches to glaciers, our tiny continent has much to offer those who can not (or do not want to) cross the pond.

9 European alternatives to the most visited places in the World

So for every idyllic photo of the Caribbean beaches or the Himalayan mountains, remember that next to you you have places (or more) of bonito … to get there you will get a lot cheaper.

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1.The beaches of Mexico or the beaches of Greece

Many people dream to visit some of the paradisiac beaches of Mexico, drink mojitos and enjoy the sun … But if you do not feel like spending 10 hours in a plane then you can choose to escape to Greece, one of the best countries to go on vacation. Some of its most spectacular beaches are in Zante, with its white sand and transparent waters … And if you still find yourself far away, head for Menorca.

2.The coast of Australia or the coast of the Algarve in Portugal

The rock formations of the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia, are incredible. But Praia da Marinha de Portugal has nothing to envy. This famous Algarve beach is surrounded by capricious rocks and cliffs with caves and beautiful coves.Image result for beaches of thailand

3.The desert of Mongolia or Gran Canaria

The Gobi desert is a fascinating place and there is no doubt that there is something romantic in the idea of going into the wild to experience the feeling of solitude in this inhospitable environment, with only one camel per companion. However, if you fancy an adventure in the desert you just have to fly to Gran Canaria. This island is at the same latitude as the Sahara, so it is no surprise that the south of the island is covered with impressive sand dunes … and yes, there are also camels here.

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4.The glaciers of Chile or the glaciers of Iceland

Okay, if this makes you especially illusion maybe you’d better save because you’ll have to go as soon as possible. The San Rafael Glacier in Chilean Patagonia is melting rapidly and experts estimate that it will have completely disappeared by 2030. But if it does not give you time, Iceland has some of the most incredible ice structures in the world. Glacier walks are a popular day trip for many tourists and it is very possible that, by the way, you can also see some aurora borealis.

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