9 Fantastic things to do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

9 fantastic things to do in Koh Phangan, Thailand: Discover all it has to offer the Thai island of Kohn Phangan, beyond the Full Moon Party.

Those who think that Koh Phangan is only going to party until dawn do not know what they are missing, but maybe it’s better that way. It is true that thousands of partygoers come here in search of the Full Moon Party , but there are also those who know how to find in this island of the Gulf of Thailand a real haven of peace. March, relax and nature can be combined in quantities to taste in Koh Phangan, a place that will know how to reward more and more every day that you invest in it.

Watch the sunset by the sea

Whatever you do, if you want to end the day with a brilliant brooch go watch the sunset at a strategic place. This can be a bar (such as the Amsterdam Bar & Stone Hill Resort or the Sunset Pearl Bar, both within walking distance of Tonghsala), it can be a beach (ideal Haad Salad, Koh Son, Haad Yao or any of your cousins From above) or a high viewpoint (such as the one on the right of the Utopia resort from which you can see a breathtaking view of Haad Mae Haad and Koh Ma). Choose one of these places or any other of the western facade of Koh Phangan the result if the time goes by will be the same: a beautiful sunset starring a sun that goes by the sea.

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To practice kitesurf

Judging by the frequency with which they meet, the wind and Koh Phangan should be great friends. Hence this place is a good place to practice Kitesurf. Whether you know what the story is about or want to try for the first time, Kite Boarding Asia will be happy to assist you. Now this activity is not particularly cheap in Thailand. The joke will not come out for less than 4000 baths (almost 100 euros).Image result for 9 Fantastic things to do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Learning to do yoga

More and more tourists are coming to Koh Phangan in search of activities that have to do with yoga and meditation. For some time, several schools of spirituality have been giving an alternative to those who are looking for something more than liters of alcohol. Perhaps the most famous and longest is Agama Yoga , a very good venue that offers short and long term training, and always the possibility of attending your first session for free. Ideal for both beginners and beginners.

Go partying

Although the most famous party on the island is the well-known Full Moon Party , almost any day of the week you will find a soiree in Koh Phangan. Each phase of the moon has its corresponding celebration. Thus, each month there is a Black Moon Party (coinciding with the new moon), and two Half Moon Parties (for the last and last quarter). Not only that, 10 days and one day before the Full Moon Party is celebrated in the Jungle Experience in the middle of the jungle, and for other moments there are waterfalls, bars and beaches. It does not matter when you drop here, if you want to party you’ll find it. Find out how much the admission costs before attending, what to spend without paying a euro is something that is becoming less popular in these homes.

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Eating at Thongsala Markets

The most Thai side of Koh Phangan is the village of Thongsala, on the southwest end of the island. There you will find bars, shops and markets run by locals. Especially interesting and open almost 24 hours is the Pantip Food Market. Here, humble carts and restaurants are mixed to offer the best of Thai street cooking. Ideal for lunch or dinner, but also for breakfast! Their juices are of vice and are sold at an unbeatable price: 30 bahts (0.7 euros).

Visit Angthong Marine Park

If time goes by, one of the places you should not miss is Angthong Marine Park, an archipelago made up of more than 40 islands almost virgin and absolutely paradisiacal in which to feel like a luxury castaway. Normally, people go there to spend the day on a tourist excursion and are dedicated to kayaking, snorkeling, bathing, and routes in the different stops that their boat is making. It is all very fast as it corresponds to any activity for guiris that is worth, but the landscape is so beautiful that it is worth spending the almost 40 euros minimum that costs the trip.

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Upload the Khao Ra

Despite having only 627 meters, Khao Ra boasts the highest point title of Koh Phangan. This mountain is located almost in the center of the island, in a wild territory considered national park. Do not be fooled by its _ height _ height, to reach the highest you will have to rise from 0 to 627 in only 3.50 kilometers with the unevenness that implies. Now, you will do it in a leafy jungle of palm trees and other species, in the shade of its leaves and watched over by countless bi chillas that you will hear but you will not see (eye with the snakes). When you get up there the ride has a reward: the view of the coast is wonderful if it is clear you will see down to Koh Tao, the famous turtle island where everyone wants to go diving.Image result for 9 Fantastic things to do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Discover the best beaches

Despite being a tropical island, in Koh Phangan not all beaches are paradisiacal. Rather, not all beaches are suitable for bathing. The most famous are those of the north coast, cleaner, smooth and quiet than in the south but not necessarily more beautiful face. Do not miss Haad Mae Haad or Haad Thong Nai Pan Yai, the latter a double beach whose top for my taste is more beautiful than the bottom. If you want to reach a more exclusive arenal approach the Bottle Beach, in Thai Haad Khuat, only access via trekking or taxi-boat.

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Cross the island by bike

The first thing to do to enjoy in Koh Phangan is to rent a motorbike. If you’ve never driven one do not worry, this is the island to learn how to do it. The quality of the roads is more than acceptable, the traffic much less dense than in other places in Thailand, and many stretches are flat (although not all, you will not get rid of slope slopes). Once motorized a world of possibilities will open for you and your two wheels. It crosses the island from north to south and from east to west in its jungle of palm trees, or it crosses any of its façades to the side of the sea. It does not matter if you do not stop, any route is a joy in itself.


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