9 Things a baby needs to Grow Healthy and Happy

9 things a baby needs to grow healthy and happy


Show your love

Giving your baby lots of love, care and affection will help him grow physically and emotionally. So, hug him, touch him, smile and encourage him, listen to him and play with him whenever you can. Being connected to your baby when he is sad (just like when he is happy) helps create a strong and secure emotional bond.


Attend your basic needs

You and your baby are a team, and your job is to take care of your basic needs so that he can focus on the challenging tasks that will help him to develop. Help him teach him to sleep well, breastfeed if you can breastfeed him, and take him to his regular visits with the doctor. Keeping your shots up to date is also very important.

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Talk to your baby

Talking to your baby shows that you love him, and helps him learn to communicate. Keep your eyes and talk to him when you change the diaper or feed him. Simply describe to him what you are doing and what he is doing. For example: Mom is filling the tub with warm water so you are clean and neat.

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Read your baby

Reading aloud is one of the most important things you can do to help your baby create his vocabulary and develop his imaginative and language skills.

By showing you fun books, you’re encouraging him to make reading a habit for his entire life. Reading gives them the opportunity to hug and spend time together as well.

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Stimulate your baby’s senses

Playing with jugees that have different shapes, textures, colors, sounds and weights is a good way to help stimulate your baby’s senses. You can sing lullabies and play games together, such as hiding your face behind your hands or giving palmts.

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