Best Men’s Fragrances 2017

Best Men’s Fragrances 2017

Here is the top 10 of the best fragrances man of 2017! Perfumes are globally used and they ranked as per sales or their fragrance. Perfume ranking could be different as on personal experience. I can offer you this (very personal) ranking of the best man perfumes.

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The Top 10 Best Men’s Fragrances

10 – 1 Million Paco Rabanne – The Spicy

Paco Rabanne has a tendency to offer bottles very “sketchy“, and even too much in my opinion. Its goal and to attract fans and this plan works very well since 1 Million and Invictus are all 2 of the best-selling perfumes in 2016. If we put aside the bottle that will please some and will reject other, 1 Million is an oriental fragrance, sparkling and spicy which makes it a beautiful weapon of seduction.

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9 – Chanel Blue – The Enigmatic

Chanel Blue is a success. It is one of those rare perfumes that manage to reach the greatest number but not forgetting to have a strong character. Blue is enigmatic and can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, which explains its wide success!

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8 – Land of Hermes – Refined Power

Terre d’Hermes is a great discovery for me! This man perfume is a mixture of power and refinement, virility and freshness. It is a joy to perfume each day with Terre d’Hermes and to be intoxicated. And the ladies love it!

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7 – Lacoste Live – The Energizing Freshness

Lacoste Live is probably the best man perfume in the “fresh energy” style. Fragrances full of vitality that does not forget to be masculine perhaps my favorite man’s fragrance for summer.

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6 – BOSS the Scent – The refined seducer

BOSS The Scent is sensual and will envelop you with a seductive aura. I love its subtlety and refinement which make it the ideal ally of the modern seducer. 100% in the air!

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5 – Dior Homme – For real men

Attention, Dior Homme is not to put in all hands. It is a real perfume for men, for the boys. It has chest, authenticity and character. Between high-end and manhood this is by far my favorite perfume for “gentlemen”.

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4 – Azzaro Wanted – The seductive instinct

The scent of Azzaro Wanted is hard to describe. Woody, spicy, lemony, this mixture inspires sensations rather than known scents. To describe it I would say especially that it is captivating and intoxicating, you know this kind of perfume that one does not stop feeling again and again on his wrist. It is solar and attractive and is therefore an ideal perfume for Seduction.

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3 – Jean Paul Gaulthier Le Mâle – The aphrodisiac

I’ve worn this perfume so much in my life that I know its smell by heart. It’s the perfect perfume for pecho! Wear it and all the women will tell you “Hmm, you feel good “. And woman who loves your perfume half in your bed. A complex mixture of delicately oriental odors, between classic and audacity. The Mâle is to fall and deserves a thousand times its place on the podium of this top 10 of the best fragrances man 2017!

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2 – Dior Sauvage – The brutal luxury

Dior Sauvage is a bomb! A man perfume that combines class, mystery, power and refinement for a luxurious result. Johnny Depp was not mistaken in choosing this brutal and noble perfume. A frankly masculine and radical smell. Wild! His place on the podium is obvious to me.

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1 – Gentlemen Only – Perfection

Gentlemen Only is obviously the best man perfume of this top 10. The atomic bomb of Givenchy is the absolute must! To sum it up in a word I would say “addictive”. Gentlemen Only is fresh and this category of perfume is generally rather in summer but the fragrance of Givenchy pushes the art of masculinity to such a level that you can wear it in all seasons and for all the occasions. If there is to be one it is obviously this one. Its delicacy and refinement are so intense that you will not be able to do without it. Another advantage is that this perfume is not enormously worn (because it has had less advertising than its competitors). What do you think of this top 10 best man perfumes? Do you agree? What is your favorite perfume?

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