Denims Where You Can Replace The Skinny


The skinny is dead. You have so many different other jeans types, that the skinny is past. I wear the skinny jeans almost more. Last time, I bought a very nice light skinny at Weekday because he is so good, high waist and there was a temporary discount on pants. But overall I wear a good-looking mom jeans, love it! Want to know which jeans you can wear instead of the skinny jeans? I have an Idea !

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After years of being a skinny jeans addict, everyone’s a bit of ‘skinny jeans tired’. Only the models carry them to show off their skinny legs. Of course, many people still wear skinny jeans, but if you ask them, “what’s your favorite jeans?” You’ll get the default as a response “mom jeans” or “boyfriend jeans”.

That’s because you’re wearing the skinny jeans when you’re home. It’s just not going to be good anymore. Time to put 5 other denim styles in spotlights.

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Favorite Jeans

Mum jeans

These pants are characterized by its high waist, thick denim and some laundering. A pair of pants that your mother used to wear (logical).

 Boyfriend jeans.

Straight pipes, mid waist and loose fit. Choose for a t-shirt, coat suit or a tuxedo jacket.

Deconstructed jeans

Double bags and uneven seams. Love it like you love Good perfumes

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Cropped kick-flare

These pants are tight at the upper legs, but goes wide with a 90’s boot cut flare. It will take you a shop afternoon to find the right fit.

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‘Turned’ pipe jeans.

Sometimes more fun if you customize them with pins, studs and patches.

All the above jeans are trendy and give a great look. You can choose of them depending upon your need or accessories you wear.

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