How to request the Popes blessing

How to request the Popes blessing There are so many couples who for their wedding would like another wonderful memorial … The blessing of the pope. Let say you got Married in Las Vegas and like everyone you are willing to spend a happy life.  If you are also interested, follow step by step how to get it!

More and more couples decide to apply for papal blessing, also called Apostolic Blessing on Parchment, for their marriage, a symbol that makes the promise made even more solemn and rich in meaning. But many are confronted with bureaucratic procedures to get them that are why we thought of facilitating the task by listing all the steps you need to make the request in the right way. On the official website of the Vatican you can find all the necessary information.

How to request the Popes blessing

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Where & What to write on the request for Pop’s Blessing

You have several options to make the request. The first is to present you directly to the Apostolic Excellency Offices in the Vatican City, which are usually open every Monday from Monday to Saturday. Alternatively you could ask the question by letter or fax as it is not included in the mail mode.

In the application form, downloadable from the same Vatican website, you will have to write down your names and surnames, your addresses, the motivations that prompted you to make that request, and finally the date of wedding, church name, and place of celebration.

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Costs & Timing

Demanding papal blessing on parchment has a cost but not high. It has to pay from € 13 to € 25, depending on the parchment model chosen, which will have to add shipping costs vary depending on the type of transport, 7 € for normal mail and 13 € express courier DHL. Then there is the possibility of receiving a parchment handmade by some monasteries, in these cases the prices are rightly higher for the particular value and they swing around 50 €.

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The bidding can be made once the parchment has been received with a bulletin or online payment card. Delivery times are not very short; you will receive your parchment after about one month from the request, so we advise you to proceed well in advance if you want to get it before the date of the wedding. The answer is no. You can also receive parchment for other occasions such as baptism, first communion, affirmation, wedding anniversaries or birthdays, so a great idea to give a gift to your parents (Choose best Perfume) or a special friend!

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