Las Vegas Wedding Validity in Germany

The famous flash wedding in Las Vegas is not a Hollywood invention. No matter if a long planning or only a project, it is quite possible in Las Vegas spontaneously and quickly a valid marriage promise. For recognition, it has only to be rewritten here. The effort for this is however still very small in Las Vegas.

But whoever thinks he can marry at the local office in Las Vegas for fun is a great thing: the marriage is valid in Germany, if not registered yet. However, foreign marriage may not be contrary to German marriage laws. Bigamie or a marriage among minors would not be recognized – even if it was legal under foreign law. German prohibitions can therefore not be circumvented with a marriage abroad.

Las Vegas wedding: get a marriage license

Las Vegas makes it easy for the fiancee to get married: the willing first need a marriage permit from the Marriage Bureau – the so-called Marriage License, which costs 77 dollars. The office is open from 8am to 12pm and you do not need an appointment. But this is not yet married, which only enables the couple to marry in the state of Nevada. The Marriage Bureau can be found at the following address:

Marriage Bureau

201 Clark Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89155-1603

Tel: 001 702 671-0600

Opening hours: Daily from 8:00 to 24:00 (Mon – Sun)

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To bring is only a valid identity card, so passport in this case. Divorced persons must indicate the date of their divorce, no proof in the form of a divorce sentence or the like is necessary. Whoever is widowed must state the date of death and the place. An order or other documents, such as birth certificate or like, are not necessary.

The issued marriage license is valid for one year. On weekends or popular dates, the Marriage Bureau can be busy. It is therefore advisable to bring some time or simply to get the license a few days in advance.

In the meantime, may also complete and submit a pre-registration online. This allows you to go to the express switch and get the marriage license so faster.¬†You may like reading¬†how to Get Pop’s Blessing after Marriage

Married and surprisingly married in Las Vegas wake up – this is now no longer possible: anyone who is obviously alcoholic does not get a marriage license.

Complete the marriage with the marriage permit

After all, with a marriage permit, you can choose whether you are going to make the actual wedding ceremony in the nearby town hall for a further $ 50 or book a package with all the trimmings in one of the state-approved wedding chapels. The office in Las Vegas can be found at the following address:

Commissioner of Civil Marriages

309 S. Third Street, ground floor

Opening hours: Daily from 8:00 to 22:00 (Mon – Sun)

In a Wedding Chapel one pays for the wedding ceremony at least 95 dollars. There are no limits to the creativity of these offer packages – even in price. Even the required grooming tools can be easily rented locally. Only the passport is required to conclude the trip.

Photographing or filming is not allowed in the Wedding Chapels. It belongs to the business model of the chapels that the wedding parade for pictures may pay.

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Las Vegas wedding also valid in Germany

Before: A wedding in Las Vegas is basically valid in Germany. With recognition in Germany it is only a question of registering them here, so that they can be proved against the German authorities and can, for example, change the tax class, etc.

The closed marriage is also valid in Germany, provided it complies with the German guidelines. As a rule, she does so because, in Nevada, the minimum age for marriage is 18 years, or from 16, she also has a written consent from the parents. To marry the cousin first degree is not allowed in Nevada – in Germany however already. In addition, marriages must be single, widowed or divorced – so, of course, not already married.

Recognition of a Las Vegas wedding in Germany

In order to obtain a marriage certificate, only a marriage certificate is issued, which is not yet a legally binding certificate of marriage. This “certified copy of the marriage certificate” is available after approximately 10 days of processing time for a fee of 10 dollars at the “County Recorder”, which can be found here:

Clark County Recorder

500 S. Grand Central Parkway, P.O. Box 551510

Las Vegas, NV 89155

In order to be able to prove marriage to German authorities, it must be legalized. This requires a certified copy of the registered Trauschein and a so-called Apostille. They can either be requested at the County Recorder or separately with the State Secretary:

Nevada Secretary of State

101 North Carson St., Suite 3

Carson City, NV. *** ” 89701, U.S.A.

The following documents are therefore required for registration with the local German registry office with retroactive date of closure in Las Vegas:

  • Certified copy of the marriage license
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State (confirms the authenticity of the certified copy)

But often the stay in Las Vegas is not as long as the paper war lasted in the offices in Las Vegas. Therefore, one can also take the documents from home to make an (expensive) service of a Wedding Chapel or use it all more cheaply over the German Honorarkonsul.

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Mr. Andreas R. Adrian

4815 W. Russel Road, Ste. 10 J,

Las Vegas, NV 89118

Opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 12pm unannounced or by telephone. For a fee of 46 dollars (including postage) he procures the certified copies and the apostille.

A request for post-examination must be submitted with the American documents at the local office. Thus the marriage is also registered in Germany and the tax class can be changed or the spouse spitting can be claimed.

Renewal of vow in Las Vegas: Renew the marriage promise

Anyone who has already married in Germany or would like to celebrate a silver wedding or another anniversary can do just as well in a Wedding Chapel. Of course, the ceremony has no formal purpose, and the formal effort with marriage license and recognition in Germany can be completely saved.

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