The 11 best schools of fashion in Spain

If you are a lover of fashion and trends in the fashionistas capitals of the world, but you have your own ideas and concepts, why not understand Spanish Education & train yourself in Fashion? Spain offers great institutes for this, discover them below.

Fashion is a multi-million dollar business that is responsible each year for original and crazy creations that capture the imagination and the pocket of consumers. If you are an amateur fashionista and you have hundreds of ideas to create your patterns and collections, think of a career in Fashion, for which Spain offers a great education.

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We bring you the 11 best schools to train:

1.Superior Center of Fashion Design of Madrid (CSDMM)

The center, attached to the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), offers an official degree of 4 years in Fashion Design, but is private. To access you need a good note of cut in the Selectivity and also perform a personal interview. It focuses on work and experience in design workshops, and you can learn from some renowned designers such as Ana Locking or Daniel Rabaneda, as well as doing professional internships at Loewe, Inditex or Adolfo Domínguez.

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2.School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona (ELISAVA)

The Barcelona school offers a 4-day morning degree in Design, for which you will only need the university entrance exam (PAU) cut mark and pre-registration on its website. It is a versatile degree where you will learn to understand the world of fashion and create designs suited to the needs of consumers, so you can play in advertising, audiovisual design or products.

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3.Inedi Design School

To access her 4-year Fashion Design and Fashion course you only need the approved Baccalaureate. The training, given in Bilbao, is oriented to the management of the personal or public image of clients, the interpretation of trends and their development. This course will allow you to create or coordinate designs for a magazine or audiovisual medium.

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4.School of Design and Fashion Goymar Galicia

The School offers the possibility of training as a Stylist and Coordinator of Fashion and Accessories, for which you will need only the certificate of compulsory studies completed. It is taught in La Coruña, and focuses on the process of creating and developing a collection, from the interpretation of trends to the presentation of the result. It is ideal to work as a production technician in a design workshop or in an advertising agency.

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5. Llotja Superior School of Design and Art (ESDAP)

His top degree in Window Dressing requires a bachelor’s degree and passing his entrance test. Taught in Barcelona, ​​this training is oriented to the analysis of the quality of the materials and to investigate the forms, techniques and processes involved in fashion. At the end you will be able to direct projects of window dressing or interior space.

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6. Villanueva Higher Education Center

This center attached to the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) offers its Diploma of Specialization in Communication and Fashion Management, a postgraduate study aimed at providing the knowledge and tools to carry out activities in management and communication in the fashion sector .

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7.Art School Number Ten

You can graduate as a senior technician of Visual Arts and Design in Window Dressing. It is 2 years long and is held in Madrid. You do not need the bachelor’s degree, but you must do a specific entrance exam. The knowledge that you will get will be useful to work in a store, in a museum organizing collections or in the setting of a catwalk.

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8.European Institute of Design (IED)

The Madrid office offers a 3-year degree in Communication, Styling and Fashion Image, which you can access with a previous interview. Learn to work in communication in the fashion sector and you can work as a fashion editor, community manager, create fashion campaigns or fashion films.

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9.School of Design Happiness Duce

Directed to graduates or graduates of the world of fashion, Duce offers a Master’s degree in Marketing, Communication and Organization of Events (1 year) dictated in Barcelona, ​​to learn to position products in the market and make them known. You can work as a community manager or coordinating the communication of large firms.

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10.University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE)

Admitted to Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC), you will be able to do a masters degree in Fashion e-Business for 10 months, but you will need credible professional experience of at least 5 years. Dicted in Madrid, you will learn the business model of online fashion, e-commerce and online presence of large fashion companies.

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11.Isem Fashion Business School

The University of Navarra (UNAV) offers a Master’s Degree in Fashion Business Management, aimed at professionals with a high degree of English. It is taught in Madrid, where you will learn how to solve business problems and make successful negotiations with fashion firms. You can stay at the Bocconi University in Milan and the French Institute of Fashion in Paris.

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