The cheapest 20 countries for your low cost holiday

The cheapest 20 countries for your low cost holiday:If you are one of those that looks very much the budget when planning your vacation, take a look at the 20 cheaper countries to go on vacation. What are you going to start with?

1. Cambodia

In Cambodia you can find accommodation starting at 7 euros a night. And if you want the luxury of having air conditioning, about 10 euros. A good fish dish at Khmer Amok will cost you around 4 euros. But if good and cheap food is what you are looking for, head to the street markets in the capital, Nom Pen . A bowl of noodle soup with meat will cost you less than 2 euros. Get out of the expensive and crowded tourist circuits of Cambodia and discover this Southeast Asian country for less than 20 euros a day . Our recommendations and the cheapest attractions: the northern Mekong area and the temple at Preah Vihear.

2. Malaysia

If you are passionate about trying new dishes, but there is always the ghost of money ruining every plan you make, your destination is Malaysia. Come to George Town, a colorful city of Penang State and World Heritage Site by Unesco, and try the itinerant food with Indian, Chinese and Malayan specialties for only two euros a plate. Oh and do not forget to visit the Buddhist temples spread around the city and astonish yourself with its wonderful colonial architecture.

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3. Paraguay

With the capital, Asuncion, considered the cheapest city in the world, this country climbs positions in the top of the cheapest countries in the world to go to spend a luxury vacation. Excellent wine imported from Chile for less than 2 euros a bottle, the most expensive hotel in the city with rooms for less than 65 euros and delicious meat empanadas for a few cents make this Latin American country an inexpensive destination.

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Far from AsunciĆ³n, in the deep lands of the south, is perhaps the most fascinating place in the country . It is a collection of half-ruined villages that once represented an attempt by an indigenous Guarani community to work and survive without the annoying concept of money.

4. Bolivia

Bolivia is a cheap destination par excellence and more considering that you can survive, move and know the country for less than 19 euros a day. Do not miss out on the breathtaking Uyuni salt desert. A 3 day tour around the area can cost you around 100 euros with food and accommodation included , a real bargain considering the breathtaking scenery and the unforgettable experience you will live there.

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