Top 10 Places to Live in US Elections, Primary Results – Election News

Top 10 Places to Live in US Elections, Primary Results – Election News: Although the sofa in your home is always an option, Spanish cities like Madrid or Barcelona and other European cities organize events to follow and enjoy the American election night. Hillary or Trump? Do not miss it!

London, United Kingdom

The Riley Sports Bar in London’s Haymarket will host the party of the year on the occasion of the United States elections on 8 November. You’ll be able to cheer on your favorite candidate while you’re still scrutinizing the votes on one of 15 high-definition plasma screens. If you have any questions about the US electoral system do not fear. A group of political experts will be at your service to help you in whatever you need. With a cheeseburger-based catering, hot dogs and donuts, it’ll be like you’re in Manhattan itself!

New York, USA

And speaking of Manhattan … WIN.NYC (A Democrat organization that fights for the rights of women) organizes in the Big Apple a party to celebrate the first female candidate to the presidency of the US Government. To show precisely his support for Mrs. Clinton, this feminist organization has set up an etiquette election night in a Tribeca bar where the only requirement is to show up in trousers to watch the elections. Proceeds from the event will go to help homeless women.

Escape to New York

If you want to party and at the same time do not want to miss a single minute of the most important elections in recent history in the United States, go to the nightclub Luz de Gas. There you will not need to be glued to Twitter to find out the results of the election because there will be television screens relaying what happens across the pond. The entrance will give you the right to a drink and to a snack of the entrees to the more American style that will be distributed. The live music of the singer Tori Sparks will brighten the evening.

Top 10 Places to Live in US Elections, Primary Results – Election News

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As in Madrid is a party on November 9 (Day of the Almudena) you will have no excuse not to attend the party organized by Abroad Democrats on the occasion of the American Elections. For 12 € you will be able to follow the live broadcast of the elections, to dance, to eat and even to win some other prize. If you do not want to queue.

Washington, United States

If there is a place in the world from which to live the elections of the United States that are the American capital and home of the Capitol. Washington’s bars, restaurants, and hotels are prepared with blue, white, and red banderillas and garlands to welcome their new president. The Hotel Happening, like many others, will transform your lounge for that great night. Guests have the option of enjoying patriotic drinks according to their political color: red (for Republicans), white (for the undecided) and blue (for Democrats) cocktails and name them.

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Those with the most original names will win a free meal for 10 people. And for the most activists is the hotel cafeteria, where they follow the elections on their two-meter screen with free food and drink for the winner of the trivial politician. Most people here will be supporters of the Democratic Party.

Berlin Germany

And from the capital of one world power to another. Join the Democrats abroad at the Institute for Democratic Culture in Berlin to see Hillary win (or at least that’s the hope of the event’s organizers). The entrance includes two drinks and, of course, access to what they say will be the best party/election/viewing of the city! The food will be served until dawn. There will also be various activities and entertainment to keep you awake during the long night.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 10 Places to Live in US Elections, Primary Results – Election News: If what you are looking for is a good bar with good beer and a giant television from which to follow the United States elections do not look anymore. Head to Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Amsterdam. The TV is large and the entrance is free.

Paris France

In Paris, an election night is organized, something more didactic than the others. Not only will the elections be followed by international television, but international politics conferences will also be held and three American films (Litlle Miss Sunshine, Crash, and Vertigo) will be broadcast. The entrance to the “Nuit Americaine” is free.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a somewhat more institutional event than the rest. Organized by the Danish Social Democrats, the evening will include statements by US Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford, Danish Social Democrat President Mette Frederiksen and Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. The live music of Tamara Rosales and the retro rock of Billy Surfs will keep the party rolling until 8 in the morning the next day. The price includes two drinks, dinner, and even breakfast.

Casa América, Barcelona, Spain

The Casa América in Barcelona has also prepared something for the American elections. It is a post-election roundtable discussion with political scientists and experts to analyze the results of Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party) and Donald Trump (Republican Party), comment on the behavior of different groups of voters and reflect on the main challenges of Future of the new president of the United States. If you have the opportunity to go, do not miss it.


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