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Top Ten Villages of Spain with charm: They seem out of a postcard, sometimes we even think we are in the set of a movie, but they are real, they are the most charming towns in Spain. Visiting them becomes the perfect getaway for a couple looking for romantic places to walk their love, as well as for families who simply want to know a different and special place. If we encourage them to know them, it is important that we ensure that our batteries and cameras are properly charged, because we will want to immortalize everything we see.

Baeza, Jaén

Olivares and natural parks are the emblem of this city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. When visiting it we will be stuck in its streets, where churches, palaces and towers surprise us at every step. With your mouth open you will definitely leave places like the Puerta de Jaén, the old wall, the arch of Villalar or the building of the Town Hall. The best thing about our trip to this city is to leave a hole in the trunk because we surely will not be able to resist leaving Jaen with a few liters of its exquisite oil. Whether for its gastronomy, its people or its corners, in Baeza we will always find the ideal place to enjoy the time.Top Ten Prettiest Towns of Spain with charm - Spain Culture

Besalú, Girona

This town seems out of a tale of knights and princesses. To contemplate all its beauty, the best we can do is to access this charming village through its fortified Romanesque bridge; A land of history, legends and places to go await us. It is highly recommended to take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful streets of the Jewish Quarter and to be dazzled by the historic buildings and the Plaza Mayor. We will also be delighted by the innumerable handicraft shops where it will be impossible for us not to buy some souvenirs for home. With each look we will enjoy what is undoubtedly one of the most unique medieval ensembles of Spain.

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Cudillero, Asturias

In Cudillero we feel like in a few places the true maritime spirit that pervades everything, even its houses, that descend step by step down a slope until arriving at the port, to the side of the sea. In its impressive lighthouse, which rises on a cliff of more than 75 meters, we will get some amazing photos, just as in front of the rows of colorful houses of the town. If we want to live new experiences, we can also join one of the outings that are organized in the area to fish or admire the cliff of Cabo Vidio. And what about his palace of the Selgas? For something this town is known as the Asturian Versailles.Image result for Cudillero, Asturias

Frías, Burgos

A drawbridge, from Roman times, is the access to this town built for defense. After passing through a pit excavated in the rock, we find its almost 30 kilometers of extension in which it emphasizes a historical jewel, the Tower of the Homage, that rises on the valley of Tobalina like if a lighthouse was. The fort dates from the tenth century and in the castle there are still parts of old dependencies such as barns, wineries or service rooms. The other great treasure of this town are its impressive Hanging Houses, built on La Muela, a large rock finished in the shape of a precipice. Every step on Frias is a surprise that we can not miss.

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Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa

At the foot of Mount Jaizkibel, bathed by the Bay of Biscay and the Bay of Txingudi, this locality is waiting for us to make a natural border with France. Hondarribia is one of those places that surprises you and makes you fall in love at the same time. While in the historical center we find a medieval layout of narrow, cobbled streets where the spectacular castle of Carlos V stands out; In the area of ​​the Marina district, we expect the charm of fishing villages and the endless bars and taverns where you can taste tasty pintxos accompanied by a good txakolí. It is the perfect combination that guarantees a fun and cultural getaway alike.

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