Top things to do in Iceland – Point to Interest, Travel, Flights

Top things to do in Iceland – Point to Interest, Travel, Flights

Hot Springs

The most popular and popular image of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon, should be on the list of places to see for any traveler who plans to tread the country. With a reputation for curing skin problems, this lagoon on the Reykjanes peninsula was created when warm seawater from a nearby geothermal plant flowed into a lava field. Now a spa, there are several types of packages with which you can combine the entrance with all kinds of treatments. Although if you just want to relax (and soak) in the turquoise blue waters you can do it. There is a wet and dry sauna perfect for completing your detox session.

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A little further to the southeast, Landmannalaugar is a well-connected hot spring area with buses from Reykjavik in summer. Located in a wild place, in a glacial valley carved by one of the most active volcanoes of the island (the Hekla) you can walk along the stream until you have a good place to soak.

The Golden Circle

Go on an organized tour or driving a 4×4, the Golden Circle condenses the beauty of Iceland’s lunar landscapes in a single afternoon of driving. About 90 minutes from Reykjavik is Geysir, the jet of water that baptized the rest of its kind. Geysir is no longer as active as it was but the nearby Strokkur can also surprise you as it goes into “rash” every few minutes. Patience is a virtue, even if you are freezing cold, and you will often be rewarded for waiting.

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Although it was about to be destroyed by a project to build a dam, Gullfoss is a spectacular double waterfall that falls into a deep canyon a little further down the route. Although it is partly freezing in winter or overflowing in spring and summer it is an impressive place at any time of the year. The safest is to see it from the viewpoint that is at the top, but there is also a path that reaches the water (blocked in winter due to ice and quite slippery in summer) if you fancy a somewhat more daring experience.

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In winter there is scarcely four hours of light a day. In summer, however, the sun hardly sets. In one way or another, Icelanders take every opportunity to show that their reputation as partiers is true. One-third of Iceland’s 300,000 inhabitants live in the Reykjavik area, so here you can always give a pulse to the country’s nightlife.

Top things to do in Iceland – Point to Interest, Travel, FlightsImage result for iceland

Most of the city’s bars and night spots are in Laugavegur, a narrow street near the sea. It used to be the road that the women of Reykjavik took when they went to the hot springs to do the laundry. Today, however, on a Friday or Saturday night it is more likely that you will end up with the locals doing the rĂșntur, or the return, a very popular pub route that starts at midnight and lasts until 4 in the morning.


The Icelandic word for “gold,” Gull beer is exactly what it claims to be in its packaging. Made with one of the purest waters of the World filtered through volcanic rock, Gull is a great protagonist of the rĂșntur. Beer is Iceland’s most popular drink since the economy fell in 2008. It is available in most places and can even be bought in boxes in Vinbuddin, a state monopoly that has very tight opening hours. If you like more vodka do not miss the Lebowski Bar (also in Laugavegur), which specializes in the White Russian cocktail. If you are hungry, it makes a spectacular hamburger, perfect to accompany it by a pint of Gull.

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