Travel to Thailand: 8 Tips for Not Having Problems

Travel to Thailand: 8 Tips for Not Having Problems: “8 recommendations for you to enjoy Thailand without any setback”

Okay, you’ve already booked your plane tickets to travel to Thailand and you dream of fun days in the sun, discovering a thousand-year-old culture and enjoying Thai cuisine. Your vacation may be a dream, but put a little caution in the suitcase. If you are traveling to Thailand despite the coup and martial law, here are a few tips to make your trip a success.

Thailand is immersed in political problems that, after months of demonstrations and protests, have culminated in a military coup. A national curfew has been imposed from 10 at night to 5 in the morning, some media has been censored and some TV channels blocked and social networks are being monitored. But do not be scared, here is a quick summary of how the situation in Thailand is and what parts could affect your holiday:

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There is a curfew throughout the country, which starts at 10 at night and ends at 5 in the morning . During this time nobody is allowed to be on the street, unless they have permission from the authorities.

There are protests and political gatherings in the country, most of which take place in Bangkok.

During the day, tourist attractions will be open .

All Thai airports are operational and flights have remained normal.

The cities and towns of Thailand continue their normal lives apart from curfew hours. Trains, buses, ferries, shopping centers, restaurants and shops operate smoothly except during curfew hours.Image result for Travel to Thailand: 8 Tips for Not Having Problems

How will this affect your vacation? If you have time to change plans you might be interested in escaping to a neighboring country like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam or Cambodia . But if you have made the decision and you are going to go to Thailand, yes or yes, here are a few tips for everything to come out of your mouth:

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Stay away from the places of demonstrations and political marches at all times. This includes Government headquarters, Parliament, the United Nations building, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the Monument to Democracy and the Government Buildings Complex. Check out this map to stay up to date on where the demonstrations are held.

Tourist attractions will remain open . But remember that you have to be back at your hotel before the curfew, that is, before 10 at night. The traffic can get somewhat chaotic starting at 8 in the afternoon because everyone will try to go home, so plan and get out in time.

Take your passport with you at all times.

Before traveling, make sure your travel insurance is valid and covers you because of the situation in Thailand.Image result for Travel to Thailand: 8 Tips for Not Having Problems

Stay informed through the news and media that you can consult, on the Internet and through the hotel workers. Twitter can be the fastest way to keep up with what’s happening.

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If you are going to fly during curfew hours please contact your hotel to arrange a way to get there. But, just in case, maybe you should try to be at the airport before 10 o’clock at night . Always print your flight itinerary.

Modify your itinerary to suit your safety requirements. Find out about the activities available at the hotel to keep you occupied during curfew hours.

If you are going to Thailand looking for a wild party until the early hours the best thing you can do is stay at a great resort taking advantage of the lowered prices due to the political situation. So you can enjoy the holidays quietly and without having to worry about being able to party at night.

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