West London Fire News:Eyewitnesses Looks Furious

A huge burst has inundated a square of pads in west London with witnesses detailing individuals being caught in their homes.

More than 200 firefighters were sent to handle the fire at the 27-story Grenfell Tower which was accounted for soon after 1.15am on Wednesday.

Police said “various individuals are being dealt with for a scope of wounds”, including two for smoke inward breath, as pictures from the scene in north Kensington demonstrated blazes overwhelming the piece and the crest of smoke obvious over the capital.

CNN has detailed seeing individuals hopping from windows to get away from the fire.

Performing artist and author Tim Downie, who lives around 600 meters from the scene in Latimer Road, told the Press Association he dreaded the piece could crumple. Several people have died and more than 50 people are in hospital after a huge fire engulfed a west London tower block on Tuesday night.

Angus Law:

 from the Building Research Establishment Centre for Fire Safety Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. he Said:

Early media reports suggest that this event has similarities with other fires that have occurred recently around the world; it appears that the external cladding has significantly contributed to the spread of fire at Grenfell Tower.

The UK’s regulatory framework for tall residential buildings is intended to prevent the spread of fire between floors and between apartments. If spread of fire does occur, as has happened at Grenfell Tower, the consequences are often catastrophic.

The details and causes of what happened at Grenfell Tower will emerge over coming days, weeks and years. The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering at the University of Edinburgh will provide any support and expertise that we can to this ongoing investigation.”

Paul Littlejohn:

 41, a Big Issue seller, lives in a smaller block next to Grenfell Tower and said he witnessed “terrible things”.

He said: “There were people sliding down sheets tied together trying to get down from at least the ninth floor. There were windows being blown out, we saw fridges falling.”

Littlejohn, who has lived next to the block for two years, said he grabbed what he could and left home at about 2am with his friend, Justine Bell, who was staying with him, and his dog Rollo.

The pair loaded Littlejohn’s television, clothing, food and water into a trolley they found and have been wandering the streets since they left.

He said: “It was horrible. Everyone was so confused, so upset, so distraught. Why did this happen?”

Keith, 42, a former resident at Grenfell Tower said the fire alarms didn’t work properly when he lived there.

“I grew up in Grenfell Tower; it was my home until I joined the army at 16. It was only four years ago that my mum sold her flat there and moved in with my sister. She’s now living up in Watford.

When I lived there we’d had a few fires over the year – nothing on a large scale, but the fire alarms did not work properly. If you were in your flat even with the telly off you wouldn’t have heard anything. It was so quiet. After a fire on the sixth floor when we lived there, my mum had asked me to speak to the other leaseholders on her behalf. It was a small fire but afterwards we would try and engage with the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation but nothing changed with them”

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