What to see in Milan on a weekend – Things To Do in Milan

What to see in Milan on a weekend – Things To Do in Milan: There is no excuse for not visiting one of the most powerful cities in Italy. Pack your suitcase now and go to spend a weekend in Milan. Milan in two days will conquer you!

Milan is the capital of Lombardy and the largest metropolitan area in Italy, a city rich in history, art, fashion, people and gastronomy. Milan is much Milan, and Milan can be seen in two days (although the city deserves more).

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The best? There are almost always cheap flights to Milan from the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, so any time is good for a weekend in this city. Do not wait any longer, write down our best tips and secrets to know what to do and where to eat in Milan in two days and, enjoy it!

Visit the Cathedral or the Duomo of Milan

The Cathedral of Milan or Duomo di Milano is an imposing Gothic temple, one of the most beautiful and emblematic buildings of the city. You will find it in its heart, in a square of the same name, Piazza del Duomo. Even if you only see it on the outside, the visit to the Cathedral of Milan will already be worth it. Its facade is impressive. If the day is clear, it is worth going in and climbing on the roof. Of course, do not pay the elevator, the stairs to the top are not so many. Go up on foot and win your future pizzas. Walking or sometimes climbing stairs is also one of those things that you have to do in Milan in two days.

Cross the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

In one of the sides of the Piazza del Duomo is the Galleria Victor Emmanuel II, in Italian Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, an elegant commercial space that connects the Piazza del Duomo with Piazza della Scala. Do not miss its marbled floors or its crystal vaults. If you go a weekend to Milan, you surely have to visit it.

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Take the vermouth in a place with sole

By the time you have seen the Duomo, you have crossed the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and you have trodden the testicles to the blessed bull, you will probably have the vermouth time. Take advantage of the area and drop by Il Camparino in Galleria (exactly, in Piazza del Duomo 21, if you are facing the cathedral, corner in one of the arcades on the left). Ask for a campari spritz and enjoy the show that stars their professional waiters when preparing it. Of course, ask your campari spritz in the bar and take it there, if you sit at a table the price, which is not especially cheap, and will double! However, taking a campari spritz is one of those things that you should do in Milan in two days. Yes or yes.

Contemplate the last supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie

On a cultural level, another of the milestones that must be seen in Milan in two days is in the church and convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie). In the refectory of this convent Leonardo DaVinci painted a mural that would become one of his masterpieces: The Last Supper, in Italian Il cenacolo. A painting that you must find time to see in Milan in two days.Image result for Milan

Eat a panzerotto or a Milanese pizza …

Have you had your snack or snack time? Bet on a panzerroto, panzerotti in the plural. This typical Italian snack from the city of Bari, prepare it delicious in the Luini panzerotti (via Santa Radegonda, 16). Many Milanese and Milanese are convinced that in this place they make by far the best panzerotti in the city. In fact, their panzerotti pomodoro e mozzarella is an institution. You have to try them if you spend a weekend in Milan!

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If a panzerroto does not feel like it, try a Milanese pizza, a delicacy whose dough carries anchovy. Simple, simple and very greasy. Take it at the Spotini (via Santa Redegonda, 11), a perfect place to eat on the go or take away while continuing the tour around the city. Eye with the Milanese pizza, fill a lot. It is rare that no one eats more than one serving.

… and for dessert a rich Italian gelato

Choose one of the hundreds of gelaterias or gelaterias in the city, and treat yourself to a sweet treat during your weekend in Milan. One of our favorites is the Gelateria Della Musica (Piazzetta Pattari, 2). Although the original is a bit away from the center of the city, they have recently opened a sort of branch behind the Duomo. They are famous their pistachio ice creams in their cruco variety, salted and with milk. Alpine yogurt ice cream is also especially rich. But there are many flavors, some with very curious names, choose the one you like and devote it.

Enjoy the views of La Rinascente

On the top floor of La Rinascente, the exclusive shopping center in front of the Cathedral of Milan, there is a snack bar and a mozzarella bar that is not more for sight than for food – which is expensive -. From its terraces, you can take some splendid photos of the Duomo and its square. If you want to try something special, this plant hosts a multitude of gastronomic delicacies and usually have, among other rarities, chocolates in the shape of a real heeled shoe. Eat them if you want, but do not try them!

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Listen to an opera in La Scala

If you are an opera lover and you go to Milan for a weekend, you can not miss the opportunity to go and see a show at Teatro Alla Scala. Located in Via Filodrammatici, 2, the Teatro Alla La Scala, or simply La Scala, is one of the most emblematic of the country and the world as far as opera is concerned. In it, curiously, every function must end before midnight.

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Go shopping at the Fashion Quadrangle (if you’re rich)

Milan is also famous for its walkway, for its splendid avenues where luxury shops grow like mushrooms, for all the famous and famous that park their fates at the door of well-known brands to waste a lot of money and little discretion. This is seen as nowhere else in the so-called Fashion Quadrilateral, in streets like Via Della Spiga and Montenapoleone. Take a walk through them and surprise yourself with their prohibitive prices. The next time you come to Milan for a weekend you know, if you want to buy here, you’ll have to save a lot, a lot first!

Escape from the city to Sempione Park

If the concrete of Milan overwhelms you and you need to see green, escape to the Sempione Park, in Italian Parco Sempione. Ideal for relaxing and walking, in the family, in a couple, alone or with friends. The Sempione Park is especially lively on Sundays when it is easy to find people of all ages dancing, playing music or playing sports. Give it a try if you spend a weekend in Milan, you will discover a different side of the city.

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Take a coffee, among cats!

Before leaving, lovers of animals in general and cats, in particular, have to make a special stop during their weekend in Milan: the Crazy Cat Cafe (Via Napo Torriani, 5). This curious and coquettish cafeteria is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and one can have breakfast, lunch or snacks, among cats! The objective of the place is to make people aware of the need to adopt cats and kittens, and to behave correctly with these animals. Their food is organic and the minions, very affectionate.

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